Painters Heart Rousseau


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Package Contents : Threads : each 1x Soie Perlée, Braided Metallics 4, Soie Surfine, Stranded Cotton, Flower Thread Fabric : Painters fabric 40x40cm Needles : 1 pack each of Embroidery Needles with blunt point # 3-7, Tapestry Needles # 22 Chart: Overall design, enlarged view: Heart, corner formation for the border, letters for the name shown Packaging: Paper Box

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Painters Heart of Rousseau is a cross stitch design with a difference. It thrives on the variety of materials, lively structures and subtle color combinations. On the Painters Glory colors they look very subtle on the Painters Pastels colors a bit stronger. The motifs are based on works from the painters who give our colors their names. You can just work the Heart or add the name and border. If you only want to work the Heart, there is enough material in the package for 4 motifs.