Soie d’Alger® Longan


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Base Thread : Au Ver a Soie® Soie d’Alger® brand dyed by BIZ Material :Seide 100% silk recommended Needles : the needle size depends on the number of single threads used Embroidery needle 1-9, Wool Embroidery needle 14-18, Tapestry Needle 18-28, Tapestry Embroidery Needle 3-7 Packaging : Snap Spool on Paper Pin Length : 5m More information : Soie d’Alger Care Instructions: Colors Color Charts: Download PDF

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Soie d’Alger® Longan is particularly popular for

Counted Thread Surface Embroidery other textile techniques
Gobelin Filling Stitch Appliqué Braided ribbons
Cross Stitch Japanese Embroidery techniques Crochet
Beadwork Hedebo lace making
Blackwork Surface Embroidery Cords
Silk gauze Embroidery Madeira lace Kumihimo
Canvaswork Metal Work Needlepoint Lace
Needlepoint Lace Beadwork
Beadwork Tassels
Quilting Quilting
Reticella Knitting
Stumpwork Weaving
Whitework Thread Buttons